Ecolong Multi

  • Available as a single, double and triple module unit.
  • Special cassette system that allows to use the 90/50L
    bin bag or for the smarter and eco-friendlier waste
    handling you can use a Paxxo LongoPac Mini system.
  • A door that makes changing the waste bag easier
  • The wheels for an easier moving
  • Elegant and durable
Ecolong Multi is the most spacious (max 90 l) Sortaider product range recycling solution for indoor public areas. Iti features a special cassette system which allows using the Paxxo© LongoPac Mini system. With the LongoPac Mini system, the use of sheet plastic is reduced by up to 70%. The garbage bag is according to the actual amount of garbage. Longopac Mini is loaded with a bag cassette up to 110 m in length. The LongoPac Bio is 100% biodegradable – available as an additional choice. Learn more about Paxxo©
The product is available as a single, double and triple module unit. These multiple compartment recycling stations are great as general waste recycling bins for open office spaces or as kitchen recycling bins. Ecolong Multi has user-friendly openings on the lid conveniently marked by the type of waste and a front door that makes changing the recycling bin bag easier. Fitting bin liners has never been easier. The types of waste are marked by pictograms on the front panel and the sorting instructions are under the lid. For easy maneuvering, the product is equipped with high-quality wheels, with brakes on the front wheels.